The most secure businesses, including manufacturing firms, are those that operate proactively, not re-actively. If you are in the captain’s seat running a manufacturing operation, you understand that. After all, you see the importance of regular maintenance on your equipment, machines and robots. You see the difference that training and standard operating procedures have on smooth operations.

Your business also must be proactive and prepared to prevent something else – your video camera surveillance recordings from going viral on the internet. Your first thought might be that no one would really be interested in your video camera surveillance recordings. But consider these scenarios:

  • Proprietary processes. While your video camera surveillance recording might not “go viral” it might be something that could go to the highest bidder in the pool of your competition. Corporate espionage is on the rise. In a CNN news article, the FBI reports that the number of cases of the theft of trade secrets rose 53% in 2012 – and has continued to increase year over year. So don’t be fooled into thinking that your video camera surveillance recordings are not valuable to anyone else.
  • Competitive advantage. It is not out of the question that your video camera surveillance recordings could be shared with prospects who are considering a pool of vendors for a contract. If your competition can “make you look bad” to get the competitive edge some are not above doing such a thing. Video camera surveillance recordings of internal operations can be used. There is also the concern that video camera surveillance recordings can be edited and revised. A seemingly innocuous visual of an employee “standing around” or a single instance of mishandling product can be modified to create something that becomes a weapon to illustrate how other contenders are better. Sales can be a ruthless business and not everyone plays by the same high standards and ethics.
  • Tragic situations. For as many precautions that are taken and safety procedures that are in place, accidents happen. A video camera surveillance recording of an accident can be graphic and disturbing – and fodder for viral internet play. The damage can be substantial, not only for the company’s bottom line, but for the business image and employee morale as well.

Video camera surveillance recordings MUST be protected

Your video camera surveillance recordings should be protected from hackers. Technology is a great boon to every business that makes the wheels of business operations turn faster and smoother.  The future is guaranteed to be built on that foundation, making cyber security essential in order to protect your video camera surveillance recordings.

Conzer Security doesn’t just set up your video surveillance cameras and your system and leave you on your own.  We are experts in security – and that means securing your video camera surveillance recordings as well. Hackers are a real threat and the only way to face that challenge is by being proactive.

Don’t fall into a false sense of security believing that your cameras are protecting you. They ARE protection from many security issue you might face, but you have to protect the cameras and the video as well.

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